Auto Transport and Its Process

Auto transport is such a way of getting your car being moved from one place to another with the help of auto carriers. Instead of having ourselves do the job, transport companies could actually get the job done for us. It is otherwise known as car shipping, auto shipping or vehicle shipping. Getting your car transported across countries is quite a compelling and a hard task to do, therefore a special truck is required for it.

The process of auto transport is not that easy as it seems. The time it takes for it to be completed and the total cost to be covered on the process depends about on how well you do your research and evaluation of the various transport companies. The internet has made it a lot easier for anyone to look for companies rendering these services and for making some comparisons about it. But with a lot of them present on the web, it is still quite a bit harder to choose for the best one among them.

There are various types of auto transport which is being made possible and available for everyone, and here are some details regarding this matter:

Open-type Auto Transport

Open-type process is a type of transporting which definitely means open to the elements. Moreover, open-type car transport is the typical type and a majority of transport companies use this one and besides, it is much easier to find. This can carry up to 10 cars at a time and it also has a lot of car haulers as well. But there are some times wherein it’s unsafe due to some weather disturbances but oftentimes, it doesn’t happen that much and a majority of the vehicles being transported to their desired location arrived without even a single scratch on them.

Close-type Auto Transport

From the name itself, it simply means it is close from all elements. Close carriers are much safer and it ensures your car to be safe from unexpected weather disturbances. This is one of the reasons why close-type transport costs a lot more when being compared to an open-type transporting. It could only carry from 2-3 cars at a time making each car completely protected from any elements hereunto. If you have a luxury car and want to have it transported, then close-type transport would be best for you.

Door to Door Auto Transport

This type of auto transporting provides that the mover will deliver the car right into the house of their customer, thus saving time and energy of the customers as well. It is a lot more advantageous compared to other types since it is not only easy but economical as well. During this time, mostly all transport companies avails door to door delivery since it is of great demand both in the national and international industry.

Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport

This type of transporting simply means transporting the car on a particular time and day. Terminals are of great advantage especially to those who wants to accumulate their cars on an exact date and time.

These are the ways of getting your cars transported to your desired destination. So if you would like to get the job done as soon as you wanted, then it would be best to look out for the best auto transport company for you.

Whenever the need for auto transport is on your plan, don’t forget to always check out for the best transport companies on the web. These types of transporting processes could help you to start with.

How To Avoid Costly Auto Repairs

Many automobile owners know two things about their car. You get in it, turn it on, and drive off, or, you get in it, turn the key, and it doesn’t crank or is running very badly.

Here is a comprehensive checklist that every auto owner can follow to avoid having the car break down.

Keep your car’s maintenance on schedule. This means everything from tuning the car up to tire pressure check. Below is a full list of things that should be done to maintain your auto.

Get your car tuned up on schedule. This ranges from one auto to another, so check your owner’s manual, it will give you a schedule of when to tune the car up.

Change your car’s oil and fluids on schedule. This is vital to your car’s health. Make sure that you not only have the oil changed but have all of the fluids changed at the specific time the manufacturer states. Your brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid are very crucial to the efficiency of how your auto runs. Also, the coolant should be tested regularly. If it should go bad and the car overheats, you could be looking at a blown head gasket, cracked head(s), cracking the block, or burning your transmission up. Most people don’t realize that the transmission is cooled by the same radiator that cools the engine. Regardless, if any of these occur you can look for at least $1000-$3000 on your auto repair bill. Better to spend the $39-$99 to have it checked or replaced, or better yet, check it yourself.

Also get your differential oil checked/changed on regular intervals. I think for most autos it is a standard rule to have it checked every ten-fifteen thousand miles and changed every 60,000 miles. This doesn’t cost much and will save you a costly break down in your gear-boxes. You would look at about $400-$1500 to rebuild a rear/front end on an automobile.

Have your brakes checked/ replaced when needed. Most service shops will inspect your brakes free of charge and will let you know when they need to be replaced. If you don’t replace the brakes, you are going to spend more money when you have to turn or replace the brake drums and rotors.

If the check engine light comes on, get the vehicle scanned immediately. The check engine light indicates a minor issue with a sensor on the engine or even a cylinder that isn’t firing properly. The majority of my customers think that it is the oxygen sensor, however, the reality is that the oxygen sensor rarely fails. Most auto parts stores such as Advance Auto Parts or Autozone will gladly scan your automobile at no charge and can tell you what the fault is.

You should have any belt squeals addressed. You can buy a can of belt dressing from the parts store for about $4 and spray it on the belt itself. If this doesn’t correct the problem, take it in and have it checked out. There is a chance that it isn’t the belt squealing but rather a bearing on one of the components of the engine.

Clean your battery terminals regularly. This is the leading cause of premature battery/ alternator failure. Case in point, one of my customer’s brought me a 2000 Chevrolet S-10 with a bad alternator a few years back. He told me the battery terminals were severely corroded so he cleaned them. Three days after cleaning them the alternator went out. The reason for this is, the alternator had worked hard to charge through the corrosion and had actually worn itself out. Once the corrosion was gone and it had a ‘full load’ from the battery again, the alternator burnt up. You can purchase a can of terminal cleaner and a wire brush at the auto store, or you can make a mixture of tap water and baking soda and rub on the terminals and scrape off with a wire brush.

The best advice that I can give is to be proactive instead of reactive. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Auto Transport Now More Convenient, Affordable and Flexible

A new generation of smart, customer-focused transport companies are making nationwide auto transport more convenient, safe and affordable than ever before. By leveraging the power and convenience of the internet, and by combining both short-distance truck and long-distance rail service options, they also offer the flexibility to use the shipping mode that best meets your price and timing requirements.

Crisp, user-friendly web sites allow used car dealers, and fleet managers to obtain an instant price quote and estimated transit time for door-to-door pickup and delivery anywhere in the United States. Most sites include a convenient pull-down menu featuring frequently-asked questions, as well as downloadable information about shipping tips, terms and conditions. Registered users can also track shipments online. Depending on location, timing, and destination, cars can be transported by truck and/or rail service.

Choosing a quality auto transport company with strong financial backing and industry experience ensures door to door pickup and delivery of your vehicles will be managed by a reputable, licensed and fully-insured service carrier. Your vehicles will be picked up by an auto transporter using a multi-car tractor trailer and transported directly to destination for expedited delivery, or to a terminal to be loaded on a rail carrier for standard delivery. A cost-effective terminal to terminal option may also be available. In that case you’ll be required to drop-off and pickup vehicles at the given truck or rail terminal.

Shipping by rail is affordable and becoming more popular as it gets easier to do. Rail transport is also considered more environmentally-friendly than trucking. In fact, railroads now move a ton of freight nearly 457 miles for each gallon of diesel fuel used. If being transported by rail, your vehicle will be loaded onto a modern multi-level rail car, some of which can hold up to three times more vehicles than a truck. Automotive rail cars are fully enclosed and the vehicles are securely fastened using straps and tire chocks to prevent damage in-transit.

How do you know which auto transport provider to use?

* Start with a reputable auto transport company. Find a transporter that is listed with the Better Business Bureau and is financially strong. They should be licensed with the FMCSA [] as a broker or carrier.

* Look for an auto transporter that offers the flexibility of combining both truck rail service options. With rising fuel prices, shipping by rail can help significantly reduce your overall shipping cost.

* Visit the auto transporter’s web site. Does it include easy-to-use online tools to obtain an instant price quote and estimated transit time? Can you access frequently-asked questions and additional information about shipping tips, terms and conditions? Does it also offer the ability to track shipments online?

* Work only with an auto transport company who uses reputable, licensed and fully-insured trucking and rail service providers.

* If working with an environmentally responsible company is important to you, look for auto transport providers who are SmartWaysm Certified. [].

* Ask how the auto transporter will work with you to quickly and equitably resolve any claim, if damage occurs to your vehicle.

* Thoroughly inspect your vehicle prior to pickup. Carefully inspect the exterior and interior, as well as all fluid levels, operating systems and lights. Note any pre-existing scratches, dents, dings or other problems so you can determine if there was a change in vehicle condition as a result of transportation. Remember to also disarm any safety alarms and remove all personal items from the vehicle.

Make your final selection of an auto transport company based on which one offers the most convenient, affordable and flexible solution that best meets your price and timing requirements.

How to Switch Auto Insurance Companies More Easily

There are many reasons you may want to terminate your existing auto insurance policy. Perhaps you got a new job and have to move to a different state. Maybe you’re selling your car. Sometimes you may be fed up with your current insurance provider’s poor performance. Ending your service can be tricky, though. Without giving enough notice to your insurance company, you could end up spending more money, or even lowering your credit score!

Most insurance companies will let their customers terminate their insurance coverage at any time during their policy term. They usually require a written notice indicating the date of cancellation be sent to them. You can’t assume your insurance ends when your policy term ends, either. Skipping the next bill could have major consequences. Insurance companies usually will bill you automatically for the next premium payment when your policy runs out if you don’t send them a notice of cancellation. If you don’t tell them you don’t want their coverage anymore, they’ll assume you’re sticking with them! They will also note it on your credit report if you skip a payment, and most often will cancel your policy, leaving you without proper coverage.

Insurance companies are often upfront about the fact that your auto insurance coverage ends when the policy term is over. However, those same companies don’t always tell you of the consequences you may have to endure if you don’t give formal policy termination notice.

You may also negatively affect your chances of future auto insurance coverage if you simply allow your policy to be canceled, rather than canceling it on your own. A company-side cancellation goes on your insurance history, and could get you labeled as a higher risk applicant in the future. This could lead to higher premiums later on, or even cause you trouble obtaining any coverage at all. Taking the time to send a written notice of cancellation can help keep your future premiums low and your insurance history clear of negative records.

Canceling your insurance policy is no great trial. All you have to do is call your insurance company and inform them you wish to cancel your policy, and the date you wish to terminate it. They will provide you with a cancellation request form. Thoroughly review the form, sign it, and then send it back to your insurer. It’s also wise to make a copy for yourself before returning it, just in case the form goes astray somehow. It’s as easy as that!

When canceling an insurer, though, you don’t want to be caught without coverage! It’s essential to have auto insurance because state law requires it, and you don’t want to be face with massive out-of-pocket costs in the event of an accident. So make sure there’s no lapse in your coverage period if you’re switching from one insurance company to another. Talk to your new insurance company and make sure your new policy starts at the same time your old one expires. Driving without insurance is unsafe. Even if you’re the most cautious driver on the road, you can’t control the other drivers!

You can avoid negative consequences when switching companies by being considerate to your current insurer. Give them notice upfront that you’ll be terminating your policy, and follow through with their cancellation process. With a little time and effort, you can easily avoid future insurance problems and keep your coverage constant. Happy driving!