High-Performance Car Insurance – How to Cancel Your Auto Insurance the Right Way

High-performance or not, the reasons you’d like to cancel insurance would fall along familiar lines. How to do it right remains the basic question those pondering a cancellation should do. If you don’t bother to do it by the book, cancelling your high-performance car insurance poses a potentially more damaging – financially or otherwise – repercussions.

Whether you are moving to a different state, junking your current ride altogether, or just not satisfied with your current provider, there are a few things you need to know so that it won’t come back and haunt you like a bad penny.

First off, there’s the issue of a formal notice. Regardless of what your policy says, it is always to your advantage to give you current high-performance car insurance provider written notice of cancellation stating clearly the date on which you’d like it to take effect. Standard policies allow you to terminate at any time as long as you give written notice. Note that your policy does not necessarily terminate at the end of your insurance term. What happens then?

If you incorrectly assume that your policy auto-terminates at the end of each term, two things will happen:

  1. Your insurer will continue to bill you for the next term’s premium.
  2. You don’t give notice; you simply fail to pay. Whether you give notice or not, the bottom line will be the same – your policy gets cancelled. The only difference in this case is, it goes on your credit report as a negative note.

It’s never safe to assume automatic cancellations. While insurance companies, even those specifically catering to your high-performance car insurance needs – may be quick to inform you your policy will automatically be cancelled if you don’t send payment for a new term, they never mention the repercussions of this course of action. Better safe than sorry. Send in that notice of cancellation.

A cancellation may also raise the red flag when your application is received by other companies. They might label you a high-risk credit to justify charging you higher premiums. So take cancellation notices seriously and do it within the specified timeframe to avoid these glitches in the future.

Switching Car Insurance Providers

If you are keeping and driving the same vehicle but switching high-performance car insurance providers, make sure your cancellation date coincides with the effective date (start date) of your new policy. You don’t want to be caught in an accident when you’re uninsured, would you? That would just go down in history as the most stupid thing any responsible adult could do.

Cancelling your high-performance car insurance may be inescapable. At some point, you’d find one or more reasons to want to cancel an existing policy. Just remember that to avoid any negative impact on you and your financial future, be considerate. Allow your insurance company enough period of notice and go through the process of making the termination official. It’s the only way you can avoid trouble from a cancellation, now or in the future.

What Are the Different Types of Auto Transport Services?

Auto transport is the process of moving your car from one place to the next. This can be from state to state or country to country as long as you and the shipper can agree, your car can be transported. If the destination is just a local one, trucks are used to transport your car and if the destination is international, ships are used instead.

There are several types of auto transport service that different companies can offer and if you don’t know what you are looking for, you could end up getting something that you don’t really need. In this article let me give you some ideas regarding the different auto transport services so that you can avoid confusion when choosing one.

1. Open carrier

Open carrier auto is the standard service that most companies will give their customers. This is a reliable type of service which works for most shipping needs and this is also what most customers want because this is the cheaper service among those that are offered by shippers. This type of service works for most needs but it has one disadvantage and that is, your car is exposed to the elements.

2. Enclosed carrier

Enclosed carrier is the type of service wherein your car will be placed in an enclosed cargo van or container. This is designed for special needs like shipping a vintage car or a luxury car wherein more protection is need and the car owner just can’t afford his car to be exposed to the natural elements. As you can guess, this is the pricier option.

3. Door to door auto transport

Another type of service is the door to door service. In this type of service, the carrier will pick your car in a designated place nearest to where you are and deliver your car to the nearest place to your destination. Seldom can a door to door service really pick up and deliver right at your door because there are certain restrictions that can prevents this and shippers are only required to pick and deliver to the nearest location that safety will allow.

4. Terminal to terminal

Terminal to terminal auto transport is the type of service wherein you the car owner will have to deliver your car to the nearest shipper terminal and likewise, they will have to deliver your car to the terminal nearest to your new location. Upon reaching the terminal, your car will be stored in a storage facility and it is then your responsibility to pick your car up and drive it to your new home.

Things can differ between auto transport companies but there services will definitely fall within these four categories. If you still don’t know what you need, try to contact a reliable shipper and tell them what you want done. Tell them also about the make and model of your car and any pertinent information that comes with it. Doing this will surely enlighten you because auto transport companies are most helpful to prospecting customers.

An Overview of Auto Shipping Services

Getting a car from one state to another while relocating has never been easier as it is now. In the past, people used to sell of their vehicles while moving to another location because there was no such thing like auto transportation. The advent of technology in transportation and logistics industry has made it easier to transport cars to any part of world. Now people prefer to get their cars shipped while relocating because it is cost effective.

Vehicle shipping companies ship cars from one place to another with use of different auto carriers. Besides, auto movers offer various car delivery options that enable customers to ship car according to their preferences. Let us have a look at different aspects of car shipping:

Car shipping Options

Auto transporting companies offer both door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal car delivery options. Depending upon your availability, you can choose the one, which would best fit your requirements. For example, if you are not sure about your availability, you can opt for terminal-to-terminal shipping. In terminal-to-terminal car delivery, the car is kept in storage until you are available to receive it. However, you need to specify about approximate date or time of receiving it. if it stays longer than the calculated time and date, the car shipper might charge you extra for taking extra care of car.

Car Shipping Carriers

Auto shipping modes are another great aspect of auto transportation. Some people chose open auto carriers while others avail enclosed auto carriers. It actually depends on type of car need to ship. People who need to transport classy or luxury cars consider enclosed auto transportation because such vehicles need extra protection during transportation. However, for normal ordinary vehicles, open transport carriers are best and cost effective.

Car Shipping Insurance

There is a group of people, which believes car transportation can be costly. To lessen the safety concerns of such people, auto transporters offer car shipping insurance. That means, if a vehicle is damaged during transportation, then auto shipping company will pay for the damages according to the terms and policies of policy.

GPS Tracking

Customers, who need to know how their car will be transported during vehicle shipping process, can chose vehicle tracking services. it will enable them to monitor their transporting process.

Besides, auto movers offer a number of other services such as minute-to-minute text updates, discounts on transporting car, etc. to ensure customers get most benefit of these services.

A Reliable Auto Transport Quote

Some people may be new when it comes to shipping their precious cars, but the most important task to remember is where to get a reliable auto transport quote. You may not be an expert when it comes to shipping your car but if you know the tricks in finding the best auto transport quote then it will be a great advantage.

Planning ahead will always be a heads up to get quality shipping services. It is one way of organizing your task for the day. It will be a mess when you decide to do something without preparation. When you do not plan, it will not turn out the way you wanted things to be. One way of doing it is to sit alone in a comfortable chair with a pen and paper or even a cup of coffee which can help you compose your mind and think productively. Planning will never be hard as long as you are relaxed and you have peace of mind.

Being flexible is also one way of gaining the best auto transport quotes. This will help you and the company to create a win-win scenario. It is best to schedule the dates that other customer’s cars coincide in order to join it in the move where your car is being transferred to the same vicinity as you have. With this kind of method you will expect that the auto shipping quote will be less because your car is not being transferred alone.

There is also an expedited auto transport quotes when you cannot make your time and date of shipping flexible. This option will transport your car in a quick in your requested date and time. It may seem to be more expensive than that of a standard auto shipping quote but it will help you to avoid spending car rental, taxi cabs and other services because of the reason your car is not available to use. Options are given to customers so that they can choose what option suits them most. This may help both, the customer and the company, to deal with certain things.

You can pay less shipping fee if you know that the terminal is near to your residential area. Rather than picking up your car and paying extra charges it would be a wise decision to drive your car to the terminal and so the shipping starts there. The car being shipped to the terminal is one alternative to consider in getting an auto transport quote.

There is also a difference when taking an auto transport quote for enclosed shipping to an open one. Enclosed auto transport is an effective and a safe way to ship your car but the twist there is you pay for extra services that are needed to be rendered. Open auto shipping is very safe but we cannot guarantee that damages would not occur, because it does. Keep in mind that if you want to preserve the value of your car, the enclosed auto transport is most likely the best option that includes if you don’t make it a point to pay an extra credit for that type of service.. All customers would want to pay less for a great deal of services, but some customers don’t mind of paying extra fees. They are only concern of their cars being safe and damage free.