Auto Shipping FAQ – How to Ship the Vehicle?

Using 10 open car carriers, like the ones that you see at car dealerships, which hauls cars to and fro, is the most common way to transport the vehicle. Since there are a lot of these trucks on the road these is usually the best way to go. Considering enclosed transport is another option. These types of trucks are similar to the big rig truck that hauls stuff and produce, except that it hauls cars instead. The safer way to transport your car is through enclosed truck. However, this is much more expensive. It is generally recommended in auto shipping to use the enclosed shipment if the owner is planning to ship a classic or exotic car that must not be exposed to harmful elements.

What does door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal package mean?

Most of the auto shipping business operates in the door-to-door service. This shipping service is very convenient for the owner since you don’t have to worry on bringing your car to the terminal. The truck will come to your house and pick up the vehicle for transport in your garage. The driver and you will thoroughly check the vehicle, for any markings, dents and dings that is present, plus the mileage and others that it may have that is relevant in shipping it. The inspection is done to ensure that both party (driver and you) has checked and inspected the car thoroughly and any new markings or damage that may occur during transport will be the company’s responsibility.

Terminal-to-terminal package is different from door to door package. The terminal to terminal package is done by dropping off your car at the designated terminal that has these service companies, rent or own and the shipping company will pick it up in the dropping off terminal. This service is not recommended unless needed because there is no definite time as to when your car will be picked up. This service takes weeks before trucking company can get around picking up the vehicle from terminal and delivering it to their terminal in destination city and then it waits for the owner to come and retrieved it.

What is cargo insurance?

Cargo insurance is the insurance available in auto shipping business. It means that each car that the truck is delivering is protected by the insurance that is being offered by the shipping company. If in case the car gets damaged during shipping, the insurance company will pay for the damages. The vehicle is safe as long as the car is in the truck. Aside from the cargo insurance the trucking company also offers what is known as the liability insurance. For enormous accident or if in case two cars get damaged the liability insurance will take care of it. Most of the trucking company offers a minimum of $800,000 for liability but there are some that offers more than that.

If you were not able to get your car in the terminal right away, the damage that may occur during its stay is the responsibility of the owner. Unless it is specified in the policy all the damages will be the owner’s liability.