First time visiting Prague

If you ever feel like experiencing a rich cultural history, seeing monuments that go centuries back but also not that far into the past, or just simply enjoying your fairytale-like surroundings, look no further than visiting Prague.

The capital and also the largest city of Czech Republic, Prague is also known as the historical capital of Bohemia. Originating all the way back to 9th century, with its rocky history full of ups and downs, the capital tells the magical story of humankind to millions of visitors each year. In case you’ve never been to Prague before, here are some must-visit sights to see and things to do.

Walk across Charles Bridge

Probably the most well-known and visited Prague spot is the Charles Bridge. The view it has over the city and its architecture makes the bridge seem magical during both day and night. Just try not to mind the countless amount of tourists that are there to experience the same sights as you. The bridge spans over Vltava river and connects Old Prague Center to Mala Strana. The bridge is protected by imposing three Gothic towers and is home to thirty Baroque-style statues and statuaries.

Explore Prague Castle

Set atop a hill that overlooks the Vltava River, the Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. With its magnificent architectural design and attention to details, the castle is one of the staples for the first-time visitors. The church within it, St. Vitus Cathedral, embellished with arches, gargoyles, and gothic spires, is especially beautiful. The park around the castle is another good place to walk around, if you’re feeling like walking amongst leafy trees and greenery while looking at the castle above you.

Old Town Square

Dating all the way back to the 14th century, the buildings in the Old Town Square make it one of the most spectacular squares in Europe. With its gothic ornaments and rich history, the Square is something you should definitely see if you plan on visiting. One of its main attractions is the Old Town Hall Tower, constructed in the early 1400’s, sitting directly in the middle of the square, with its most identifiable icon, the Astronomical Clock. You can ascend to the top of the Old Town Hall tower for around $5 USD. You’ll get a really good look at Our Lady Before Tyn Church and the rest of the Prague’s magnificent Old Town in all directions. Absolutely a can’t miss item to put on your things to do in Prague list.

John Lennon Wall

Once you cross the Charles Bridge, go behind a small church courtyard and find the John Lennon Wall. This vibrant, touching homage to the famous Beatle, singer, poet, and activist is a living art project where people are encouraged to express themselves and pay a tribute. After you are done you can cross the small bridge near the wall to have a snack or use a RV toilet at the Beetles Cafe. It’s a bit overpriced but contains many riveting pieces of memorabilia bound to delight fans.

With the size of the city and the amount of time it has existed, this short list is here only to encourage you to try and explore on your own. Go and have an adventure in the capital city of travelers and adventurers!