Points to Keep in Mind While Requesting Auto Transport Quotes

Car transport services are affordable as compared to other options of moving car to distant places, but can be expensive if you commit mistakes. Therefore, avoiding these mistakes while requesting quotes is important to ensure you get affordable rates. Here are some common considerations you need to keep in mind while requesting quote:

Car Transport Carriers

Many people straight off go for enclosed carriers without determining their car shipping requirements. You must check your requirements before choosing trailers as enclosed car carriers are not always the right option. Choosing open car carriers can be much better, if you want to keep car shipping rates low. Enclosed carriers are only used when you need to ship a luxury car. Otherwise, choose open auto carrier. Cost of open car transportation is often 30-50% less than enclosed transportation.

Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery is not always Appropriate

Terminal to terminal car shipping services cost less as compared to door-to-door shipping, but not always. Therefore, you must compare the costs of both car delivery options before selecting. The cost of terminal-to-terminal car delivery increases when you do not pick your car at fixed time and date. The transporter moves it to storage point. The longer it stays there, higher will be the charges. Therefore, you must be sure about your availability to collect your car, if you have preferred terminal-to-terminal car delivery.

Additional Insurance is not Required Always

A number of people believe in getting additional insurance for their car transportation. For additional coverage, the vehicle transport companies charges extra money. However, it is not required always especially when you know it is in safe hands. Professional car transport companies cannot afford to have your car damaged while it is being transported because it badly affects their reputation, which is a huge upset for any company operating in auto moving industry. So, you are not advised to pay extra for getting additional coverage. While all companies operating in U.S industry are required to carry a minimum insurance of $50,000, most of the companies offer more than this. That means, even if the car is damaged during transportation, you can claim enough amount to recover it. However, liability amount depends on the agreed terms and conditions mentioned in the auto-shipping insurance policy.

Eliminate the Charges of Unwanted Services

Some people will always chose all services without noticing that car transport rates depend on it. Most of the people chose GPS tracking services and texting update while dealing with auto movers to stay updated with their car shipping process. These services are considered additional and unwanted for interstate move. You must avoid if want to keep car transport rates to a considerable low level.